Danse Macabre

Travelday Travelday. Seriously these days… Got up lazily about half an hour before my checkout began, and wandered aimlessly about in Dublin for a while before I decided on a fancy pizzeria for some lunch. My plane didn’t leave until around 18 in the evening, so you could say I had some time to spare. I spent a good two or three hours in there before I figured it was time to find and AirLink bus and get my way back to the airport.

Sadly, I had forgotten to charge my phone while on the hotel, so I was hanging on to the last straws of percentages until I very very gladly found a charging station where I could at least get the percentage up a bit.

I figured if I went to the bathroom exactly the time boarding was supposed to start, I would have plenty of time to finish. But nope. By the time I was out of the bathroom – and I swear I only spent tops three minutes in there with the line and all – Final Call was already being brought out! Turns out there were very little people actually going on this plane, which was nice. A lot of space, not very noisy, and we departed 20 minutes too early. I don’t mind at all.

The flight home was a nice one. Me, my music and the neonlight looking cities beneath me. That is what I love so much about flying night time – that you see all the lights. All these beautiful maps of life beneath you, of people driving home from work, or perhaps to work, all these apartments with people living their every day life… its crazy to think about some times.

We landed ahead of time in Sweden, and our bags were already on the belt as we got to the collection hall, which is just perfect. I love when things run smoothly, when everything goes fast and there’s no unnecessary wait times. This allowed me to pick up some real late dinner at MAX before getting on my bus home.

Once home in Karlstad, I met up with Hanna, Andreas and Adam – some co workers of mine to get a ride home. Of course, Hanna had managed to forget her carkeys at the club she was working tonight, so it was a long and cold wait catching up with Adam, but it was so great. Great to see some familiar faces from home, making the longing for my piu piu friends seem a bit less.

So, with all of this being said, thank you each and everyone of you who were included in this tour. All the way from France up til the late night ride home from downtown – Laura, Cyril, Florian, Emilie, Ambre, Elize, Maffe, Paula, Sophie, Nathan, Gavin, Kacper, Annelise, Mike, the Brazilian couple, Mr Amen, Mr L, Mr OX, Miss Hella, Mr Mana, Delain, Silver Dust, Kobra and the Lotus, Shiraz Lane, Kissin’ Dynamite, Evergrey, Sonic Syndicate, Smash into Pieces, Adam, Andreas and Hanna. I love you all, thank you for this, it was well needed.

// Sara

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