Kissin’ Dynamite @ Backstage by the Mill, Paris, France 5/11 – 16

So! I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my last post, but because of the extensive walking I’ve been doing in not very friendly shoes for the long period of times, one of my legs have started to act up. Ironically, it is NOT the leg that is already injuried, of course, it was my healthy one, and because of this delays was bound to happen. And so was it. Gladly, and also sadly in a way I guess, I came for the last two songs of the supportband. Those two songs were really good, and they delievered those two songs very well. The band was Maxwell, I might add.

Right after these I headed off to the merchandise to check if there was anything I wanted, which there actually was. Both Amaranthe and Delain hadn’t really been able to deliver anything interesting, so I was happy to see that Kissin’ Dynamite had something to offer. A very classic, simple Generation Goodbye tourshirt was bought, and as I turn around I see Ambre, a girl I met at Delain yesterday. I was SOOO surprised, but also soooo happy to see her! I thought I’d end up going alone to this gig, but nope.

Anyway, she and I sat around and talked and caught up, and a little while later, the intro to “Generation Goodbye” started and the band walked on stage.

So, as mentioned, they started the set off with “Generation Goodbye”. And you know, I love this song so much, and it’s really cool as an opener. It’s not one of those “in the face” kind of openers that you are used to with bands like Sabaton or Amaranthe, but more low scale. I absolutely love it. They continued on with “Money, Sex and Power” and then, one of my personal favorites, “DNA”.

It was a very small crowd that had found themselves the way to Backstage by the Mill today, which was a bit surprise – it’s Paris, and a Saturday! What the hell. I did see a long line outside Elyseé Montmarte though, so perhaps there were a show there.

“Highlight Zone” was next on the list, followed by “Love me, Hate Me”. The crowd was pretty good. I have seen way better, but I have also seen way worse. And I guess for a 100 people (or less) crowd, it was pretty decent!

“If Clocks were Running Backwards” slowed down the set a bit before taking off again with “She’s a Killer” and “Deadly”. And then, Hannes started talking about asking their fans for what songs they should play, and that one song in particular had been wished a lot, and I just prayed that it would be that song.

And it was.

“She Came, She Saw”. My personal favorite off “Generation Goodbye”. Seriously, this song is absolutely amazing, and it was even better live. This band is amazing. They followed it up with “Somebody to Hate”, and then “Operation Supernova” which seemed to be quite the hit with the crowd.

After this, they rolled in a Piano and Hannes set down and performed a beautiful piano medley consisting of a bit different, I guess, songs from Kissin’ Dynamite’s catalouge. It was a really beautiful moment, a man, his piano and his voice. These moments are simply amazing.

They hit off the show again with “Supersonic Killer”, followed by “Sex is War” and then a song that tore the audience apart – “Hashtag your Life”. Interestingly enough, Hannes mentioned it as well that he hadn’t seen a lot of smartphones, and he loved it.

They contiuned on with “Steel of Swabia” before wrapping it all up with “Ticket to Paradise” and then leave the stage, as you know, only to return a little bit later. 

“Six Feet Under”, “I Will be King” and “Flying Colors”  wrapped up the entire set, and while I do feel they should have switched place on the last two, it was a great ending.

This was an amazing show. This band really knows how to entertain and I look forward seeing them again soon. 

After the show, Ambre and I hung around for a long time chatting about everything and nothing before it was time for us to part ways. This was a perfect last night in Paris, couldn’t have asked for more. Tomorrow, I’m heading off to Ireland. 


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