One Message Waiting

So… It was quite a heartfelt day. I’ve only spent four days in Paris, technically, but just a day or two is all you need to start getting settled in and get used to the life there, and knowing this was the last morning I’d wake up to see Sacre Coeur outside my window. I made my way to Charles Du Gaulle pretty slowly, making it enough in time to catch the flight, but also avoiding a lot of waiting.

Once at the airport, I collected my luggage and went on my quest to find Nathan. You see, we had planned behind the scenes to include Nathan in the trip without letting Sophie and Paula knows. So, we met up, headed to McDonalds as per usual before going to the hotel and get checked in, catching up and preparing for the big surprise. We planned that Nathan would go upstairs and come down knocking on the door like room service style.

After a long wait, they finally arrived and they got in got settled in… a knock on the door… Sophie caught the door, and she seemed surprised as hell to see him, and so did Paula, but they were very happy to see him.

After sitting down and catching up for a while, we decided to head out for dinner. We strolled down the street, not very long until we decided to sit down at The Old Mill for a long, nice and entertaining dinner.

oldmill1 oldmill2 oldmill3 oldmill4

The food was absolutely great, and the company was even better. We went home, and now we are about to hit the sack to prepare for some adventures tomorrow.

// Sara

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