Down with the Devil

Today was my last day in Paris, and you know, while it’s actually kind of nice to settle down in a city and catch many shows in a row, it also sucks. A lot. Because after a while you get used to it. Life here. You get your metrostation and all of a sudden you turn into a stressed and pissed off Parisian.

For the day I felt like I was running around literally everywhere, trying to catch as much as possible on this last day. I started off at the Pont Neuf, and then walked my way over to Place du Concorde and the Obelisque.


And yes, walked. I do prefer walking – if it’s up to an hour walk, I’ll happily do it. It allows you to see more of the city you are in, in my opinion.

After this, I made my way over to the Bastille, which I sadly didn’t get any good photos off. I walked over to Maison de Victor Hugo, but decided that I’ll save the museum for some other time. After this, I went off to Jardin Du Luxembourg, and on my way I passed a few things, amongst those, Pantheon.



I realize that this blog entry might sound very, very uninspired and quick, but it’s because at this very moment, my mind is sort of scattered because the day went so fast that I barely remember what I actually went to. Perhaps it’ll be better later.

After being in the parc, I went to McDonalds (classic!) for dinner before heading off to the Eiffel tower to catch it in the dark. Like I mentioned before, there’s nothing I like more than lit up buildings and neon lights in the dark, and I just knew I had to see this magnificent building in the dark as well. And I was not disappointed. AT ALL.


After this, it was time for me to get home and get ready for Kissin’ Dynamite, the last show of the stay here in Paris.

// Sara

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