Glory and The Scum

So! First thing in the morning after getting up and slowly eating one slice of bread was to calculate costs. Yaaay, right? Not really. Or well, it’s fun in one way, but it also gives one a headache sometime putting it all together. But I also reckon that, the more often I do it, perhaps once a day, the better it is for me later on when trying to put all costs together.

Once done, Florian very fittingly wrote to me and said he was outside Elysée Montmarte, so I jumped down to keep him some company in the wait for Laura, whom arrived shortly thereafter. We made our way to McDonalds where we had some late breakfast or early lunch before going back to the venue and there, we parted ways. I myself, headed off to the Eiffel Tower which would be today’s first stop.


Funnily enough, on my way there, which included a trainchange, I wound up at the Arc de Triomph, so I figured, why not? It was actually my second destination so.


It’s seriously so stunning up close. Last time I saw it, was from a bus and we circulated twice. And this was 11 years ago, so. After a quick look at the maps, I realized the Eiffel Tower was a mere 30 minute walk from the bow, so I decided to walk and discover the neighbourhood a bit.

It’s so interesting in a way, how different French architecture and standards are compared to Swedish. The buildings are really romantic and more… I don’t know how to even explain it in English, but there’s something extraordinary beautiful about it. After a while though, I reached the majestic Eiffeltower.


It’s a very very grand building in all it’s might and it… All of the things I’ve been seeing here in Paris is just hard to grasp. You have heard about them, and seen them on pictures, but when you stand there, right in front of them, it’s hard to grasp they are really THERE.

I headed back toward Notre Dame shortly after to pick up a small medalion, but also to catch Notre Dame in the dark and you know, it was the most dreamlike moment.


As I approached the Cathedral, the bells started ringing. I had goosebumps all over, and my mind went completely blank. It just threw me all the way back into 1482, right into Victor Hugo’s novel. And once inside again, I wound up in a mass. It was just… I can’t really explain the feeling to you, but it was an extraordinary and divine situation to be in.


Right after, I headed off toward the Palace of Justice, Frollo’s home in the Disney adaption, and seriously, when I saw the building, recognizing it instantly from the movie. All these places, once seen in a cartoon movie are all of a sudden real. Very, very real. Sadly, I didn’t catch any good pictures of it.

After this, I headed straight home, and as I write this, I’m just about to leave for Delain, who are playing across the street from where my hotel is. See you later!

// Sara



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