Today started fairly early actually. In an attempt to get the most out of my Paris stay, I’ve decided to do something I rarely do, but will get better at: Touristing. To check out the places a bit. As you know, I already started a bit yesterday when I walked up to Sacre Caeur and around the neighbourhood, but today we were picking it up a bit.

By we, I mean Sophie. The sweetest little angel offered to meet up with me in Paris to spend the day together, and seriously – I haven’t seen this girl since Tuska and I found myself running towards her because I was so happy to see her again. We headed off toward the Catacombs of Paris, or as I’d call them – the Court of Miracles.

It was a long walk down, making one very very dizzy, but it was quite magnificent to be down there among everything. It was quite a morbid feeling, on the verge of unbelievable to think that these are actual skulls. That once belonged to people much like you and me.

courtofmiracles1 courtofmiracles2

Once done at the catacombs, and walking the one million stairs, we found ourselves a McDonalds for a classic Lordi-fan-kind-of-lunch. Sitting down for a good hour talking about everything and nothing and fangirling over the fact that we are going to see Lordi soon… After this, we headed off to Notre Dame de Paris, finally. You see, this is my FOURTH trip to Paris, FOURTH, and I have never in my life before seen the Notre Dame Cathedral, so it was about to become very monumental for a Hunchback of Notre Dame fan like me.


And it’s absolutely magical. It’s majestic. We went inside and took a tour, and seriously… This cathedral is beyond beautiful. I have no words, and sadly, not a lot of picture either.



After spending some time in this masterpieces of a building, we headed back towards Montmarte, with the idea of Sophie showing me where Kissin’ Dynamite is going to play so I don’t go to the wrong venue accidently, and this is where we met up with Elodia, another Lordifriend of ours. We went to the venue, and after that headed off towards the Paris Opera house, and late on the Louvre.


After this, our paths sadly split. Sophie had to go home to Lyon, Elodia to hers and I had to go and get ready for Amaranthe. Sophie followed me to the hotel, and it was something extraordinary weird about saying “I’ll see you in Ireland on Sunday” to a French friend in Paris. But you know what? That is our life. That is tourlife.

And this has just been another perfect day.

// Sara

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