Amaranthe @ Petit Bain, Paris, France 3/11 – 16

So. The clock had started to run a little bit for me, so it was a very very stressed Sara that was running around in the hotelroom trying to pull everything together (going to prepare it sooo much better for Delain tomorrow, although it’s unnecessary) and then heading off to the venue. As I’m sitting on the metro trying to organize and sort through my stuff, I notice my entire little finger is covered in blood. At first I get startled, because, sure, I know I have sensitive skin and that it breaks easily, especially when cold, but this was just too much blood. Managed to figure out I probably got a papercut from the ticket. So I guess we can all agree that I’d bleed for Amaranthe, huh?


This is what it looks like when cleaned. Damn.

Anyway, because I forgot to charge my phone, I had decided to keep it turned off as much as possible, and written down what metro stations to take and go to, and while being on the last one I kept my eyes open for boats, and I feel so proud of myself for managing to find the venue / boat without using google maps. Sure, it wasn’t a far distance or anything, but I’m still feeling so proud of it.

So, Petit Bain is sure as hell petite. Very, very small, but also very very cozy. I came in right as Smash Into Pieces started playing

Smash Into Pieces

I had listened a little bit to them before the gig, well, as preparations for the gig, so I honestly didn’t know a whole lot of the band, but I enjoyed the show so much. They are very good and entertaining on stage, and I really liked the music once I got to hear it better than me running around at work. Good job guys!


Once they were done, I managed to locate my dear friend Laura, classicly by seeing her Pikachu bag, or, Metal Pika as he’s more known as. And seriously… I haven’t seen this girl in over a year! Last time I saw her was at Delain in Belgium in October last year, how long! How is it possible! It was soooo good to reunite with her again and catch up a little little bit, before it was time for Sonic Syndicate to go on.

Sonic Syndicate

So, this band is also a band that was a bit unknown for me – well, musically. That’s the thing – I’m well aware of both bands since before, but never really bothered to look into them too much. Syndicate, however, I remember that their newest album “Confession” stuck with me when I was doing my prelistening, so I was very excited to see them.

And what a set they delievered! Shit, it was just that good! I enjoyed it from start to finish, and I’ll really try to see them again some time. This was soo good.


After Sonic Syndicate, the eager wait for Amaranthe began… And.. already at this point they start some sort of intro which consisted of snippest of their old songs, as if someone was changing stations on a radio or so.


But, at half past 21, the actual intro for the show started, the band got on stage and they hit the show off with “Maximize”. And holy hell! I mean, the crowd had already showed that they got some in them in Sonic Syndicate, but it simply exploded, and then I mean in a pit. People were pushed side to side, but damn I loved it. Finally back at a show with decent people in the crowd – Seriously, I’ve always preferred southern shows (seen from Sweden) because people are so chill.

They followed up directly with “Boomerang”, which isn’t a personal favorite, but they did it so well. Elize was on basic fire. “Hunger” was the third song, and if you thought people exploded in “Maximize”, then… ough. Holy shit! And how warm was it not in here?

“Invincible” was next on the list, followed by “1.000.000 Lightyears” and the band was just on fire. I don’t know how many of you know this – but for this tour Jake E was being replaced by Adam from Smash Into Pieces, and damn. He fits soooo good in. I’m in absolute love with his voice, and it just became so perfect together with Elize and Henrik. And his stagepersona! The way he interact with the crowd! I love him.


“Trinity” and “True” was next on the setlist before it was time for my personal favorite off “Maximalism” – “Fury”. My adrenaline started pumping so hard as soon as I heard the intro, because you know, this oughta be good. And it was, oh my god. This whole performance with the red lights going all over the venue and Henrik just absolutely slaying it on stage… Damn. Easily the best moment on the whole show.

The song was followed up by the Elize’s ballad “Endlessly”, and I love this song so much. It’s so… epic. Powerfull. BIG. But, one critique. I think Elize needs to back away a little bit from the microphone when doing the louder and higher tones, because it was very unpleasant for the ear as it all just became noise. But aside that, it was a magical moment.

Morten showed off some of his skills before it was time for “On The Rocks”, which is one of my favorites off the new album, and it was soooo good live. Like beyond. I love it even more now. “Automatic” was next on the list before they played my personal favorite, and also the song I discovered Amaranthe with, “The Nexus”. Seriously, this is one of my favorite moments during an Amaranthe show.

It was followed by “Amaranthine”, and just hearing the entire crowd.. I mean, it feels magical for me, how mustn’t it feel for the band? Damn. It’s amazing. They closed up the set with “Call Out My Name”, and seriously…The crowd was WILD.  And it was hot! Like BEYOND! Sure, it gets warm and hot at shows, but I was drowning myself from my own sweat, do you get how hot it actually was?

They left the stage, and soon Johan returned to do some of his… stand up? I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be, but he came back, talked a bit and soon enough the whole band came and they kicked off with “Digital World”. This song is also one of my favorites live, simply because of the “Start a Revolution now!” breakdown. Seriously. As you may have noticed, my personal favorites are the songs that are very very headbang friendly. That’s my kind of live shows. “That Song” followed, and then “Dynamite” before they wrapped up the whole set with “Drop Dead Cynical”. “Endlessly” played in the background as they left the stage, it was beautiful.

This show was sooo good. I can’t get over this band, I simply can’t!

Right after the show I headed to the bar to get some water, because that was necessary. Rejoined with my friends, also said hello to Cyril that I ran into before Laura and I headed off to the merch where we spent a bit of time with the supportbands (both from Sweden, giving us a lot to talk about) and I picked up on Sonic Syndicates new album and Smash Into Piece’s “The Apocalypse DJ”. It was a very pleasant night, and I also went over to say hello to Maffe and catch up a bit with him before we were forced to leave the venue.


Once outside we kept hanging around and after a while Elize came out and said hi to us… And this is something I have to write about because it kind of hit me. When saying hello to everyone she looked at me and says “I have met you before have I not?” and I answered her in Swedish, that yes, in Belgium last year, and she hugged me and said “YES! You are the Swedish one, I knew it was something with you!” and this hits me a bit, because I have only met her once before, well, at least where I talked to her, and I don’t see Amaranthe very often, and we don’t have any tricks like on Lordi shows, which makes it… weird for me that she remembers me. It’s… wow. That’s all I can say.

We hung around a bit, newfound friend Florian got to sing with Elize (might post you a video later!) and just hanging out with new found friends was just amazing. Emilie and I shared a taxi home, and now I’m here in the hotelroom just thinking about what an amazing day this have been, and what a blessed life I’m living.

Tomorrow it’s time for Delain and some more touristing. On it again!

// Sara

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