Como Dueles en Los Labios

It’s striking sometimes, what songs simply fits in as good roadmusic. I’m currently on the bus toward Oslo central, right now somewhere on a Norwegian highway listening to Maná’s song “Como Dueles en Los Labios” gazing out over the Norwegian landscape which is, despite the time of the year, bathing in sun with little clouds in the sky. And instantly, a sense of belonging. That, now, once that I’m on the road I know for sure I’m doing the right thing, that it wasn’t a bad decision to get on this trip.

It was a long annoying wait in Oslo though – sure, I don’t mind actually being on time, and have space in case something happens, but I want it to flow. So that, it’s enough time, but it’s not a lot of holes. But today… Arriving in Oslo at 11.30 and plane leaving at 17.25… that’s an annoying wait. I killed the time off at Burger King and a little bit of Pokéhunting before getting on the train and FINALLY feeling that flow, when you arrive in time to fix everything at a good pace, but not too long wait time. I finally started “Divergent”, by the way.

Finally time for boarding, and getting back to this “music on the road” thing… You see, whenever I fly I choose window seats. Maybe I could say it’s because I get motion ill, or that I’m antisocial and like to be on the inside… but the truth is, the real reason I wanna be there, especially at evening flights, is because of all the lights. When you come closer to the countries, and you start seeing the citylines, building, cars, spotlights – it’s like neonsigns of life. I find mysel glued to the window when we approach, and I always have Bon Jovi’s “Runaway” on repeat in my mind whenever I gaze.

“You know she likes the lights
At night on the neon Broadway signs”


Finally landing in Paris, struggling a little bit to figure out how the hell to actually get into Paris, but, with a few ifs and buts I found it, and you know… Isn’t it sort of ironic in a way… how easy it is? Like… It doesn’t matter what country you land in. It doesn’t matter if you speak or read the language or not, when you’ve traveled a lot to various countries, you just simply learn. I’m here, in Paris, all alone, and just… going there.

On the train toward Sacre Caeur I ran into the sweetest of gentlemen from the United States. We chatted a while on our way toward our destination, and parted ways once there.

I made it to the hotel, checked in, and after a quick shower I decided to, despite the time being close to midnight, get out and explore the place a little, after noticing how this place is drowning in Pokéstops. I know, I know, but it all comes down to how you play it. But seriously…

I think I’ve wrote it before, that I prefer the darkness over the light, and wandering around on Paris street night time… there was something mesmerizing and soothing about it, and it felt like my eyes were about to pop, everywhere I looked. It’s just… so different from Sweden. I came around one of the pubs street and I had to restrain every little inch of me to not go into one of them. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to do that, but not tonight. I kept walking around narrow streets until I came toward the cathedral, and also what felt like the longest staircase in the world.

It was the workout routine for the day, but trust me, the pay off was worth it. Standing before this majesty of a building took my breathe away. It’s absolutely stunning.


And when you turned around…


I remained at this spot for several minutes. Gazing out over the city… These kind of views people… I live and breathe them.

Eventually I started making my way home, and on my way I found some interesting streetart on the buildings.


I love these random pieces of art that simply… exist. And appears.

So now I’m back here in my room, lazily eating some sort of dinner and about to hit the bed. Tomorrow I’ll meet up with Sophie for some quality time and a lot of sightseeing. Can’t wait.

// Sara

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