Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Running the last couple of errands today, picking up small stuff that I had yet to get, and packing it all down. I decided to remove some of the items, as I realized once tried on an extra time, that the likelihood that I’ll use any of these are very, very small and I’ll be better off with simply what I got left.

This day, the day before actually going there, is the worst. This is the day where I start doubting the most that this trip will be worth it. But all you need to do, is to take one look at the prettiest band in the world, the monstars and instantly a smile breaks out on your lips and you know that it’ll be worth it. Like I said last time, Lordi time is bliss.  I guess the only concern I have is the little stop over in Paris, but I’m sure it will be just fine. Before I know, I’m at CDG traveling off to the green island. Finally.

// Sara

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