None For One

Now it’s starts kicking in. It starts a little slowly with you sitting there, despite packing very very little, feeling like you should throw out everything because at this moment you don’t exactly feel that you will actually bother to use any of it, and then you start think even more. About landing in a new country and a new city all alone in the evening, on your own trying to get to your destination.

And the feeling of hopelessness. I gaze out the window at the rainy evening, or well, more like night now, and for a split moment I see the streets of Paris in front of my eyes, weather consistent and I lose my faith and the head is spinning, thoughts are telling me “no, no, no I don’t want to”. The feeling of not wanting to go, the hopeless feeling of losing your spirit over small stupid things, like the make up brush that has been missing since Powerwolf, or that the body I found on H&M’s website was not in stores, being bothered by the smell of the nail polish remover…

This, my friends, are the very essence of what I call “travelfever”. Of when you start getting nauseous before a trip, a lot of fear mixed up with excitement, the fear taking the lead in these days before. For once, I’m actually packed already – there’s a few small things that I forgot to pack that I’ll add tomorrow, but aside that I’m actually good to go, two days ahead of travel. It’s a new record for me, and feeling the travel fever kicking in I couldn’t be happier over that it’s already done.



I do, however, get very warm and fuzzy when I think about that I’ll soon be on the green island together with the best friends I have, and indulge in 110% Lorditime, and Lorditime is bliss. There’s something quite extraordinary about when we come together, a group of Lordi fans that at one point were simply usernames on a messageboard and now we are on holiday together in Ireland. I can’t wait for this.

// Sara

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