Break of Dawn

I can’t believe it’s only three days until departure. Until it’s time to go on one of those little longer tours, going through two countries and at least seven shows. I’m saying seven because I haven’t made up my mind yet about the 8th. Good on me, right? And thinking about that, I haven’t booked my bus home from Stockholm yet either… Silly me.

So today has been mostly about laundry and packing. I’m glad that I for once get these things done now, at a reasonable time rather than sitting there on Tuesday night freaking out about it. Hopefully I can close the suitcase “for good” either tomorrow or on Tuesday already, and just move on with my life, essentially.

Something I am absolutely obsessed with as far as packing goes, is getting everything into convenient bags. On the one side, it’s for organization reasons – makes it easier to find things in the suitcase, and you know you have everything on the spot, but also for convenience once you are there, especially when it comes to my make up and face/body hygiene bags.


The good thing about these two is the hook attached to them. So basically, whenever you arrive at your destination you simply open them and hang them and that’s the end of it. No need to unpack or move around, just simply hang it up. I have an additional bag for hairproducts.

Secondly, what I call my “airport bag”.


So this is a little bag I got in Australia, if it wasn’t obvious, and I call it my airport bag, or purse if you like. In this I keep everything necessary for the flight – my passport, iPods, phones, charger, and boarding pass. Basically, all the essentials for travel that I want to have easy at hands at all times, without having to shuffle with your carry on piece.

And lastly, my lovely cable bag.


I didn’t have too high expectations on this one after reading the reviews which said that the “pockets” were too small, and while I can agree – some of the pockets are really small, it works fine for me. I can fit everything I need for a trip like this in it – including the computer chord which goes in the second part of the bag, so I have no complaints. And seriously – I used this for the first time on the Powerwolf tour, and do you understand what a special kind of heaven it was to NOT find all of my cables in a big pile of mess in the backpack? That I just simply took this out and all the cables were neatly organized? HEAVEN I SAY.

So, these are some of my small travelessentials, who knows, maybe one or two of you found it somewhat useful. The cable bag I picked up on Wish, the others I found randomly in random stores a little here and there, so keep your eyes open in the beauty sections, and you might find one!

// Sara


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