Jesus, I haven’t been able to stop listen to this song since the album came out. Some day, I’ll sit down and properly listen through and review this album, but for now I’ll let songs like “Maximize” and “Fury” fuel my fire these last days before embarking on my big tour. Or, well, big and big, but it’s really… maximized, if you like. Many bands and shows squeezed in on two weeks together with some sightseeing in Ireland. We have sooo many things planned, it’s not even funny.

So, today, I have been running errands. The first set of them, actually. Today I focused on things I knew right away I needed – new face wash as I’m running out, travel sizes and refillments for body washes as well as new dryshampoo – all in travel size. I have this sweet little lepard bag that I showed you, and I want everything to fit in there.

What I also got today, is a new calendar. It’s that time of the year now, and it is yes still a bit early to get one, but tours for next year are already starting to plan out, and most importantly, we are going to plan the BIG tour, and a new calendar will be necessary.


Filling out all the tourdates gave me this fuzzy feeling. The fuzzy feeling of happiness as I watch all my months being filled with amazing things to look forward to.


// Sara

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