Two days until release, and this is the time I find it a good time to preorder both the new Amaranthe album as well as the new Lady Gaga album. I don’t know what has happened with me lately – usually I’m good at preordering like months and months ahead, but now I’m doing it with just days ahead, same story for “Monstereophonic” when it was time.

Why is this? Is this because of lack of time, or this lack of interest? I really don’t know anymore, but I’m very very excited that I finally placed the order, because I can’t wait to have both of these albums in my hand. Fresh music with both Amaranthe and Lady Gaga, what could possibly be better? Especially the latter one, seeing I was worried for a while there would be no LG5.

And also. The smell. The smell of new albums. Ahh.

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