Reign of Terror

So, suffering a bit from post concert depression, as always, I met up with Kyo downtown after work for some catch up dinner. It’s sort of crazy – I’ve been thrown into a work position where it feels like time just disappears constantly – for instance – Ireland is only three weeks away! How crazy isn’t that?

It was nice to sit down and talk a bit about everything that has happened and that will happen, and enjoy a nice meal. We stopped by the partystore to pick up supplies as well.

Speaking of that. I really, really, cannot wait any longer for this Lordi tour to embark. HONESTLY. It’s going to be so good. I’ve stayed away from as much spoilers as I possibly can, and despite knowing the setlist, I haven’t seen any actual performances yet, which makes it even more interesting. And then of course, our little tricks. We had a successful pilot made during Powerwolf over the weekend, and now I simply cannot wait to do it for real.

// Sara

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