Back to Iwo Jima

Today has been the most stressful day. First working a little overtime at the work, and then starting to prepare for the show tomorrow. FINALLY, FINALLY, seriously, I was walking around listening to “Gods and Generals” at work today, and I can’t wait, simply cannot wait to be at the Civil War show again. And Powerwolf too of course, but seriously, Civil War!

Speaking of Civil War, talking about preordering again, I’m finally getting around to preorder the new HammerFall album as well as the new Civil War. I had originally planned to preorder it all directly form Napalm, but upon inspection, noticing it won’t ship until Hector is in stock I sort of feel I rather order the albums from the regular CD store and then order Hector on it’s own.

Speaking of that, Olly Murs is coming out with a new album as well. And putting it all in the cart, I’m now realizing that had I been a bit smart, I could have saved myself a lot of shipping costs by putting all of these albums in the same cart…

Oh well. It’s reassuring knowing a lot of albums are now incoming. Finally! It’s been some time. Or well, it feels like it. Cannot forget that Sweet Creature’s new album is also on the way. I love new releases.

And what albums should I bring for the road tomorrow? There I have something to sleep on.

// Sara

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