So, a couple of days ago Amaranthe released a new single off their upcoming album, and it so happened to be the opening track off the new album, “Maximalize”.

So, well, where do I begin with this song. It starts very typically Amaranthe, like we heard in songs like “Hunger”, “The Nexus” and “Digital World” to mention a few, and it continues on walking on the borderline between metal and pop, in that perfect way that only Amaranthe can really do. It’s got a toned down yet interesting verse, and a catchy, sticking and fun chorus. Very similar to old opening songs, as far as song structure goes.

While still being a lot on the pop side, it’s not in any way as bad as “That Song” was, and after hearing this I’m looking more and more forward towards the album coming out this Friday. Seriously. I love how they released three completely different songs. Smart move!

// Sara

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