Armata Strigoi

This day was like, soooo slow! Or, I don’t know. I was supposed to go with the earlier bus, but decided to reschedule it in order to get some extra sleep. Poor little Robert had to get up superearly for work, but I could sleep in a bit. Got up with him to say some last good byes before he left, and then went back to bed. After a night like last night, it’s sort of hard to focus and sleep well, but I got it together somehow.

Sleepdeprived and with the slayerneck from hell I started collecting and putting my things together before making it down to Stockholm downtown. Since I made it quite about two hours ahead of bustime, I sat down and enjoyed a late and tasty “breakfast” at Espresso House, taking the time to finish some of these writings.


This one show has been great. It was a great start getting back into the gigs season, especially seeing my tours are coming up. Thank you guys involved – Dani, Toni, Robert, Sindra, Michelle, Claudia, Sandra and of course Powerwolf and Civil War. You are amazing!

// Sara

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