Powerwolf @ Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden 15/10 – 16

The day was here! Finally! Seriously, like I said earlier, this couldn’t have arrived earlier. After a few ifs and buts regarding wardrobe, I went with the “Usual” clothes I’ve started using for this band, and started to put on my makeup when Robert came home from work. We had some improvised lunch based on popcorns before we got on the road and went to pick up Sindra before heading to Globen.

Once there, we met up with Michelle and had some quick dinner at Subway and then heading back to Fryshuset. We arrived exactly on the moment the doors opened, so it was nice. It was really, at least for me, cold outside so I was thrilled that we’d be let in directly. Especially since I also really really needed to go to the bathroom. So, after that was done we got into the venue and.. well. Started waiting. In the midst of everything, I get a text from Dani asking if you can pay the doors with cards… well.. no. Lucky for him and his friend, I had just withdrawn a lot of money so it was easily resolved.

So, once it, it was a bit of, I guess, catching up time. Haven’t seen these two since Clermont-Ferrand earlier this year, which, in some cases are fairly recent, but still feel like ages away. And very soon, Civil War started.

Civil War

So, right on time the boys went on stage and started off their set with “USS Monitor”… and seriously. I’ve missed this band so much. And that start off… It’s a nuclear attack right on. Seriously, having that particular song as a start off is just the most perfect start of what is to evolve into a perfect set of the night. The performed probably the longest set I have ever seen with them, and what made me superhappy was “Gods and Generals”. It’s one of those songs that I at first didn’t really notice, but as time went by, I started appreciating it more and more. I hoped they’d play it live, and they did. Made me superhappy.

They wrapped up the set with “Rome is Falling” – and I’ll be honest. having Noch Ein Bier being my first show ever with Civil War, I have always since then been wondering “Will they do Rome is Falling?” not because I think they’d exclude it, but because that anticlimactic moment stuck with me.


But, the show was amazing. It was so good, and I’m so happy to see them again. After this, I went out to get some water and then eagerly waiting for Powerwolf. Getting water seemed to be a task done hard, and I was back with the people just a little bit before Powerwolf began.


So. Lights out. Intro rolling. Band walks on stage. And then… “BENEDICTUS…”

It’s like time is stopping. I’m not sure how many of you readers have ever been to a Powerwolf show, but what happens when they start, is that time stops. Everything around you just seizes to exist – it’s just you, the band, Attilas voice echoing through the venue, before you absolutely just lose it.

They followed up with “Coleus Sanctus” and then “Amen & Attack” – this song, like, I don’t think I’ve ever considered this one my personal favorite, however, it’s my absolute favorite song live. And a bit to my surprise, there was a moshpit starting. Or actually, it was already in “Blessed and Possessed”, but again. I remember when I saw Butcher Babies, and no one did anything. But at a power metal show, apparently they do.


“Sacred and Wild” was next song on the list, followed by “Army of The Night”. This song being the first song that really, like, caught my attention with this band, how can I possibly explain the feeling of Attila’s voice, “Mater Mariiiiiaaaa” echoing in the hall? The feeling of it? It’s indescribable. It’s a euphoric state of enlightenment, almost as you are lifted up, at least in spirit. Although it feels like you are levitating.

“Resurrection by Erection” was next, followed by “Armata Strigoi”. I must admit, while this may perhaps not be the best there has ever been, I still think there was a good reception from the crowd. They were with the band, singing, yelling, whatever, and I like that. It’s good to see an active crowd from up here.

“Dead Boys Don’t Cry” was next, and then… “Let There Be Night”. This song, on the other hand, is one of my personal favorites. Most certainly, the key segments. The segments after the choruses. We’re kind of back there with “Army of the Night”, but now it’s the work of Falk Maria’s finger that fills you up to the point where you feel like you’re about to burst. Seriously.


“Werewolves of Armenia” was next on the list, and I would dare to say that our side, Attilas side, sort of owned Falk Marias. Not to be like that but… Suck on that one, people! “In The Name of God” was next, followed by “We Drink Your Blood” where we did our first pilot test for some new shenanigans to do at Lordi shows. Without saying too much, I can say the pilot went fine, and the shenanigan is now officially green lit to do in Ireland.

They ended the set with “Lupus Dei”, before they thanked for the night and went off. Or well, not really.

“Agnus Dei” started echoing, and as powerful as the first opening, “Sanctified with Dynamite” started echoing, and seriously, these songs are simply so well made for opening. It’s an instant slap in the face, the instant adrenaline shot you need to get started.

“Saturday Satan” and “All We Need is Blood” wrapped up the set, and they left the stage for this night.

It was a great set, and a great night. It’s so good to see them again, finally. It has really only been like, six months, but I still crave that mineral.

After the show, we hung around for a while catching up before Robert and I headed home.

Thank you, to everyone involved in this show! I can’t wait for Friday.

// Sara




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