Resurrection by Erection

Finally back on the road again! Quite honestly, it’s been waaay too long for me. I can’t believe I have actually not been on a trip nor a show since Sabaton Open Air. No lies when I say that this was long overdue, and that it was good to be back on the road again. The travelfever hit in a usual, and I’m just assuming it’s because of the lack of traveling really.

So, on the bus again – my beloved Swebus. Never ever have they failed me. It was the best feeling in the whole world when you have tucked in your luggage underneath, taken your seat, gotten comfortable and just stare out the window as the bus passes by city by city toward your destination. And the feeling you get when you finally reach Stockholm – lovely lovely Stockholm and you know that you are back in business.

Right after I got off, I jumped on the train toward Robert’s place and after a pretty sure trainride, I was there. He met me at the trainstation and we went off to the supermarket to pick up goodies for the evening. I had originally planned to go down to Harry B James to catch a band, but after a few ifs and buts I, or well we, decided to stay in, have a nice pizza and watch “The Metal Mass” DVD as preparations for tomorrow.

mealmass pizzaaa

It was a nice evening – talking, catching up, watching the mighty wolves – perfect moodsetter for tomorrow.


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