REVIEW: Eden’s Curse – Cardinal

Eden’s Curse is a melodic hard rock band based in the United Kingdom, though the members of the band today are spread across the world. After the success of “Symphony of Sin”, the band took a two year break to work on and produce their fifth studio album, that we now hold in our hands as “Cardinal”.

This album starts off with a build up, emerging in a stomp off before heading into a heavy riff with melodic elements to it, before diving into the melody line that is the prechorus before exploding in the chorus with a statement saying “here we are”, heading into the second song that on the other hand is extremely melodic with serene melody hooks that stays in your mind, with an enchanting prechorus, to name a little.

I’ve noticed, in my notes, that I’ve used the word “pleasant” and “cosy” a lot. And I guess these two words do describe the album the best. While the album finds itself with a few heavier songs, such as “Messiah Complex”, I’d say the strongest elements on this album are the melodic hooks accompanied with the singers amazing vocal work. And not to mention – the beautiful cameo of Liv Kristine in “Unconditional”.

However, a song that caught my attention a little extra was “Utopian Dreams”. When I heard those synthesizers opening the song, working as a red thread throughout the song with it’s half-cocky lyrics, I was simply sold. This is one of the perhaps a little heavier song, but it all comes down to the melody line of the synth – and I honestly think this is my personal favorite of the album.

I really, really like this album. I think this album is a step forward from “Symphony of Sin”, with a lot of strong material, incredible hooks and some amazing vocal work. I really enjoyed this album, and I look forward to put some of these songs into a festival playlist, right next to Kryptos.

(Label: AFM Records)

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// Sara



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