The Acoustic Principle

So, about “The Holographic Principle”… What intrigues me a little extra, especially seeing I have the earbook edition, is the “The Acoustic Principle” bonus CD. Actually, this one may, and this is going to screw your heads over, a little bit more interesting than the actual album. Now this is an album where we hear Epica perform a way we have never heard them before.

It cover five songs – “Beyond the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (“Beyond the Matrix“), which is more of a jazz/lounge music approach to “Beyond the Matrix” – seriously, this sends me right into a hotel lobby with a drink watching Simone in a long gown performing this in the 1920’s or something.

“Dancing in a Gypsy Camp” (“Dancing in a Hurricane”) where they take the oriental elements, well I was going to say a few steps further, but more like, a few miles further, going all the way, setting the mood of being in a gypsy camp at night, almost making you start moving your hips simply because of the enchanting rhythms.

“Immortal Melancholy” which has… perhaps more folk elements to it? It’s very soothing. Sends my thoughts back to a tavern at night time in front of the open fire with some mead in hand… Seriously, can we discuss how moodsetting this extra CD is?

“The Funky Algorithm” (“The Cosmic Algorithm”) do I even need to actually explain what this song sounds like? In case you didn’t get it from the title – funk! And there’s something truly remarkable, and new, to hear Simone use words as “booty”. I love this though. Seriously. I’m just directly thrown into a transcendental room where everything is literally tripping.

“Universal Love Squad” (“Universal Death Squad”) this is essentially Epica going Disney and Celine Dion. This is nothing but a serene ballad, soothing you and your soul while listening to it. This is the kind of song I’d put on when trying to relax.

I seriously love this. I love when bands themselves do other versions of their own songs. Not only does it show alternative ways these songs could be made, and how easy you can turn a song like these into anything else, but it also shows how wide these musicians are in their musicianship.

// Sara

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