Once Upon a Nightmare

Today was my first free days in… two weeks? It has been… somewhat nice. A bit empty, though. Not really sure what I was supposed to do with my time, so I went down and picked up some stuff from Panduro and made a rough draft of what I want to have done with my suitcase.

I always liked the idea of having my stage name printed on a suitcase, partly to make it stand out more, but also to make it 100% proof to get back in case it’s lost in baggage. I have used the “designs” of bands flightcases as a starting point in it, and have thus created letters of “Hammerzmith” to go down the side of my suitcase. To start, I’ll have adhesive letters on, and perhaps, if I really like it, I’ll have it painted on permanently in the future. I just have to decide what direction I’ll have them in.


There’ll be some tweaking left, but I’m liking the result. Now for sure no one will steal my suitcase at the airports. I’m also thinking about adding the Lordi mask logo, but I’ll have to see about that one.

Speaking of Lordi, three weeks ’til France! Hooray!

// Sara

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