“With lights low and hopes high
We’d make the world our stage all night
‘Cause this play in our dreams
Was meant to be our masterpiece”

Yes. I guess that is exactly what we could say today. I’ve probably had the most anticlimactic experience I’ve ever had in my life today.

I was sitting on Facebook, minding my own business when I get this little notification “Triffid & Danger cancelled the event Lordi”

Heh. Heh. Very funny dude. Figured that perhaps they are changing dates or venue or creating a new event. We kept the hopes high, before it was confirmed from several sources:

Lordi’s gig in Stockholm have been cancelled.


And I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. First and foremost, it was too good to be true. That Lordi would play here. Secondly, it’s been one or two days since this gig was announced. And it’s already cancelled. What the hell is actually happening.

Well. I don’t know. I’m just gonna crumble up in my bed and lie down, try not to cry, CRY.

With lights low and hopes high
We’d give it all to shine a light
But this play in our dreams
Was just a fairytale as it seems”

// Sara

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