The funniest thing when I’m planning tours is the fact I never start where I should. Powerwolf tour is embarking in about a month, and when sitting down today mapping out and planning my upcoming tours, I end up buying planetickets for Paris.


That’s in November. Like two months away. But this isn’t even anything unusual. I have a tendency to book and organize the things that are the furthest away first, for some really weird reason – like getting Sabaton tickets for next year.

And I have yet to actually book or even decide anything about my Powerwolf tour. I guess I’m a bit stuck. I don’t really like the detour to Gothenburg, and would rather prefer doing Finland, it’ll be a little bit, not a lot, but a little bit more expensive, but it’ll also be four gigs, not three. The plus side with Gothenburg, not only being cheaper is also that I’ll have four possible work days as well, and only one possible work day if I do Finland. But then again, I work literally 24/7, so it’s no harm done for me to take a week off..

Oh well. It will all come together somehow in the end. The key to everything with tourplanning is to wait and hold on. The big mistake a lot of people do when they plan tours, are that they book everything right away and then they’re done. You should wait a little. Partly wait for sales, but most importantly – wait for other tourdates of other bands. I think this tour in particular, the November one, has been changed multiple times only for the sake of additions and removals of tours. And I don’t even want to begin to talk about the US / Canada tour – right now it’ll consist of four countries, and that’s just at THIS POINT with the details not even close to done yet, although Epica in UK and France are pretty set.

All I can say is that I love my life. I love touring. and I love my bands. That is why I’m doing this. The one and only reason.


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