Lordi’s new costumes – a run down

A couple of days ago Lordi FINALLY posted the full images of their costumes and masks for us all to have a better look at the new costumes, so, finally, I feel a bit more confident about giving you my two coins of what I think of them.

amenbody amenface

So, let’s start off with Mr Amen, only because he’s the first chronologically when uploading the photos.

First and foremost, I’m glad to see he got some bandages again! He’s really very on and off with those – some era’s he’s drowning in them, other eras he barely has any, but this era, it’s like, the perfect amount in a way. They are not everywhere, but still there, giving you some heads up that he’s actually a mummy and not some random zombie monster.

I like the decomposed flesh a lot as well – it’s getting gorier, even though it’s less blood. The mask… Well, I must admit I’m not a that big of a fan of his face. It’s very Get Heavy-ish, and personally, Get Heavy is my least favorite look of him, but the effects are pretty cool. However, I must agree with Sophie on one thing – his eyes. I, we, know that he’s sort of like, opening his eyes a lot in this picture, but its also about how the mask has been sculptured. I guess we’ll see more of it once it goes live and everything.

hellabody hellaface

Next up is Miss Hella, and now, now we are fucking talking alright. Excuse the french. First thing I noticed though, is that for every era it seems she gets less and less clothing, but seriously, this costume is nothing but mad! The naughty, burned school-girl meets Barbie and the 80’s, in a perfect mix. I love that she’s so feminine, but still a bit… sexy, you know? It feels like the wrong word to use, but on the same time, I don’t know what else.

And the face…. someone commented that she looks like a dead Pamela Anderson, and I can almost agree on that! She looks stunning though. And, personally, I’m excited and thrilled as hell that she’s going back, well, halfway anyway, to blonde. I was soooo gutted when she went black, so when I saw the blonde I was literally squealing. And the purple highlights are amazing. I love the fact that Hella always goes big when she changes. You never know what to expect from her.

manabody manaface

Here we go! The first thing.. am I the only one, or is he, Mana, as well as Hella, losing clothes? Either way, I love this look. I almost want to say it’s my favorite of all of his, but I don’t dare to just yet. But seriously, that cloth with the symbols on… and not to mention, Fleshy Bessy! The spider! The spider he has on his chest, or more in his chest. This is amazing. And oh, the fly on the belt… These details you know!

As for the face… and hair.. the first thing we all said was that he looks a lot like Awa, the previous keyboard player. Especially the “Demonarchy” side of the face. But aside that, the mask looks really great, and I’m glad his hair is down again. It seems everything went right with this fella!


And the big L. First of all. DAMN THOSE SHOES! The grins! Holy shit, if that isn’t intimdating, I don’t know what is (as far as Lordi goes). And I love that the silver boot still got some of the brown around the teeth… aside that… it’s pretty… It’s not a lot going on. If you compare it to earlier costumes of his, this one is very toned down. But you wanna know something? I love that. I love that it’s so “simple” in a way, and that’s more all about him rather than flashy costume pieces. And I love that the belt-skirt-thingy has this glittery touch to it. I love everything that glitters, you know?

The mask is probably the best one he’s had so far. I can’t really put my finger on exactly what it is, but I always felt that occasionally, his masks just became a lot of holes and not a lot of soul (oh that rhymes) but, now it’s like the perfect mix of the holy gory side, and still a more… Arockalypse kind of side, I guess. I don’t know how to put it better! But, I love it.

oxbody oxface

Say hello to Mr Ice-Cream! With strawberry topping! The first thing Sophie said to me when she saw this was that he looked like one of those duo-flavoured ice creams. And he really does, or well, the mask anyone. Jokes aside, this is OX for those of you who may not know – Looks absolutely incredible. Seriously, this is his best mask today, damn. Intimidating! And, for once, they gave him reasonable horns. Amazing.

And it just gets better when you look at the whole costume. Lepard skin, going all 80’s on the one side, and being clad in sewn together human skin on the other side… and the face on the crotch cloth.. Absolutely everything went right with this costume, I guess this is really my favorite of this era. I can’t stop looking at it!


So, with all of that said, I guess I can easily say that OX is my favorite, tightly followed by Hella, and Amen being my least favorite. But they all look really cool, it feels like a promising era. Now we just await the album.

// Sara
(All images in this blog belongs to Lordi)

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