PART EIGHT: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7 2016

So… the last day. And this was REALLY the last day… It was with very, very heavy hearts that Nathan and I firstly almost overslept, and secondly, left the hotel for the last time. I requested very shyly of Nathan if we couldn’t go to Espresso House, which is like, my favorite coffee house, their Caramel Latte is to die for, really, so, after a few ifs and buts we finally found a place and we sat down to enjoy one last drink and meal together before heading to the airport.


After this, off to the airport we go. Nathan was getting rather stressed, and I was just there like “Calm down, it will be okay”. And once at the airport.. the line for checking in luggage was fucking massive. But, as the positive thinker I am, I told Nate that – “It’ll be fine, I promise”.

As we wait in line, we see some people with a lot of luggage approaching us, and I whisper to Nathan “Ey, it’s a band!” and when they got closer we saw that it was no other band that Gojira, that actually played Tuska the day before! It was intense!

The lane for bags picked up the pace, and we made it in good time for Nate’s flight. It was, again, one of the most heartfelt good byes outside the passport control for UK travels and after that I wandered off to my own gate only to see that the flight had been delayed. Awesome. Not.

But despite that – flight home when good, so did bus.

I want to take this moment to thank every single one of you people – Nathan, Sophie, Marianne, Nicolas, Nicolas, Lea, Niki, Vickie, Saana, Laura, Juuso, Markus, Elodia, the staff at Weird Antiques, Lordi, Avantasia, Toxic Rose, Swallow the Sun, Myrkur, Delain and Children of Bodom for this amazing weekend. We didn’t see a lot of bands, but we did have a lot of fun the entire weekend. And it’s all because of all of you people mentioned in this post. I love you all.

Thank you!

// Sara

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