So.. I had to make a bit of a difficult decision today. At least you know, one of the most difficult so far this month. And that was to cut off two of my longest bracelets. Peace&Love 2009 and Peace&Love 2007. The reason was that I’d seen 2009 being cut off half way because of being worn out as well as noticing that the year is starting to vanish on 2007, I had to make the decision. It was a hard one – it’s always difficult for me to part with my bracelets, but the one thing I sure as hell did not want to happen was to lose them somewhere where I wouldn’t know, so this was really for the better. It’s just a little bit sad you know – I had planned to have 2007 until next year, so it would have been on for ten years… but upon seeing the yearmark almost vanishing, I figured it was just as well. If you can’t see what bracelet it is, what is the point?


It’s just… sort of marks a new era. These two were the last Peace&Love bracelets to remain on my arm all in all, so P&L is basically just gone. And not only that – P&L 2007 was my first you know. My first bracelet, and also my favorite bracelet of them all. It was orange and red… Just… beautiful. And then that festival – Front row on Alice Cooper with 20 000 people behind me, the festival where I (finally?) found out Sabaton was in fact a Swedish band… Saw The Ark… oh The Ark. What a band. Saw Crashdiet for the first time too… But speaking of Sabaton… Haha. I figured I was going to record songs that I liked, so I could decide on which album to pick up. So I recorded “In The Name of God” – only issue being – that I filmed the last chorus. And at the point in Sabaton’s career, they didn’t actually sing the real chorus, but rather a parody chorus. No wonder I had problems finding the song, huh? Haha, oh those days.


Peace & Love 2009 was also special in a way. It marks the festival where I saw the least shows – I think it was three, or three and a half. I saw Turbonegro, and then half of Satyricon (mostly because I saw Satyricon in 2007, and though, why not again?) but it’s famous for other things – for waiting 12 hours in 30 degrees weather for Mötley Crüe. I got tanned and burned so badly the tan didn’t disappear until it was summer again next year. And since I had a top with crossed straps, I had the weirdest tan ever because of that. I just remember sitting there, on Nikki Sixx side of the stage, feeling a bit dizzy of all the sun. Getting through Volbeat because one had to… And then in “Home Sweet Home”, where everybody simply forgot about the four men on stage because news about Michael Jackson’s death had just hit us. Like a reporter said – “Never before has an entire Mötley Crüe crowd wound up talking so much about MJ as that night”.


Wow… this became a trip down the memorylane for sure. Isn’t it fun. It’s just a piece of fabric, a piece of fabric that says when and where you have access… But yet, they are filled with so much memories, so many emotions… I guess this is the reason it’s hard to let go off them. Because… they mean so much. You look down on them and you see “Ah yes, Peace&Love 2007”. But… all good, or what was it Mötley Crüe said, all bad things must come to an end?

// Sara


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