We Ride


Started the day off early for once. Running some errands before Michelle came along and we headed off to our rehearsals. Which must be the most uninspired rehearsal to date. We are both super tired and super stressed at the moment, and I guess all of that sort of got to us. We did go over the song quite a few times though, and we’re really getting there. It’s sounding a lot smoother than it has ever done, so I guess that is a step in the right direction, don’t you think? I guess most of it can be summed up in this one little picture:


So, we did go for our mandatory ice cream afterwards and then spent an hour or two planning out the Sweden Rock camp. I’ll be leaving for Stockholm on Saturday for work, and won’t be home for the next week, which will… you know, complicate things, especially since Sweden Rock is creeping closer and closer for each passing day. But finally – we got the details down, and set some dates for epic things, and… all I really need to know is that this Sweden Rock is going to be the best Sweden Rock. Ever.

// Sara


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