So, today was the day I finally went off to Stockholm, and to stay there for a week. Since I was working during the night, I decided to take a late train to make it… fairly early, but not too early. And for first time in many years, I actually went by train. Yes you heard that right. I. Went. By. Train. And surprisingly enough it went pretty well. Perhaps I should have more faith in SJ… Nah. Not yet.

So, I got to the capitol, locked up my bags at the busstation before heading off to meet up with Robert to get some keys to the apartment. Spent a little time together before I he head off to wherever he was going and me heading off the the Globe Area for some errands. Seriously, there is this special mushy feeling walking the bridge I walked so many times going to concerts, but this time be greeted with loads of Eurovision music from the “singing bridge” thing and all the flags… Once done, I went to Eurovision Village in Kungsträdgården, and again… This… mushy feeling of Eurovision being in town. I’ve been to these places quite a few times before of course, but it’s still. It makes one mushy.

escvillage janneschafferkungsan

Before heading home I stopped by the big flower next to the village, finally. You can really sense it all starting now. Finally. It’s that time of the year, you know.


// Sara


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