So, today, we are going to talk The Sims progress. For the first time in what feels like a long time, I actually have some time off and its spent the best way possible – with Sumo Cyco, Paula and The Sims 4.

And my oh my, have some progress been made today! First and foremost, I’ll tell you – she’s finally reached the top of the criminal career, on the boss branch. It was a horrible few last levels – I hate being mean to other Sims, so it was almost physically difficult to make it, but there it was. So, at last, she’s on top!

Secondly, I’ve gotten the reward for finishing every single skill of Aria. However, this isn’t true just yet – she has five more levels to go on Baking, and once she’s done with that, she will truly be done with every single skill. And now… I feel sort of empty. What is she supposed to do now?

So, my new project in the mean time while finishing off the careers, will be to make amends and get a lot of new good friends. I didn’t even know her boyfriend was still alive, as an example on things that I’ve left behind when she’s done her career. And it’s going good, she’s gotten a few new best friends now that Summer Holiday abandoned her.

So, basically, in these three hours I’ve been playing, we can all say that some good progress has been made. For next session, it’s a new career. What will it be? Well, we’ll see.


// Sara

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