The Perfect Woman

The next in line on my list on people was of course Emelie. We met up downtown and seeing her was like… I can’t even describe it. At first I was unsure if I’d even see her, but then when I saw her I was just like “Emelie!”. We decided to go to Espresso House, which I really didn’t mind because I sure as hell have missed a caramel latte so badly. So, we got everything, got seated… And of course, you know what I’m gonna say.

Vegemite challenge! Out of all my victims, she was the who was the most reluctant to get into it. But eventually she did, and she’s among the people who had the worst reaction of all.

Aside that, we simply sat and enjoyed each others company. Again, talking about the trip, the stable, what’s been new and what is not, her application for colleges abroad and everything in between. Seriously, these catching up moments are incredible.

We sat at the place for quite some time before it was time for me to get home and get ready for my first day at work back from the trip. Exciting! Thanks Emelie, for this day.

// Sara

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