So, new day, but also second day to catch up with some people that I sure as hell have missed a lot while being down under! And next out was Jonathan. We met up downtown and went to this supercute little place to have lunch, or well, late lunch I guess.

First, since I’m a superhorrible person, I had him do the Vegemite challenge. I think he’s the one who’s so far responded the best to it, not like you know, dying. Only almost. After that followed the exchange of music – he gave me a USB drive with some songs he thought I should hear (house music) and I gave him a CD with some metal songs I thought he should hear. It’s a pretty cool initiative.


The lunch really followed with us just catching up on the trip, what’s happened at home while I was away and everything. We even found ourselves losing track of time and wound up staying at the place long overdue their closing hours. oops.  I guess they didn’t mind too much!

After that, we went our separate ways and I went back to my bombed whorehouse and kept trying to unpack my stuff and some weak attempts of cleaning. It’s a great thing that Serenity’s “Codex Atlanticus” could keep me company!

Thanks Jonathan for this day though, it was great!

// Sara

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