Amen & Attack

Seriously. I rebooked the bus today, because I figured I’d actually use the hotel room once I actually had one, and despite doing this, I almost missed my check out. I guess these past days of jetlag + too little sleep really took out it’s turn! But, really, I don’t complain too much about it, the less I have to wait for the bus the better.

Once down at Oslo central I got myself some of the most delicious bread I have had in a long time, together with crisps and the mandatory milk. I do not know what it is with me and milk, but I always get it when in Norway.

The bus was a little late because of a mistake from the busdriver, but you know, such things happens! The busride was just fine, a bit boring. I guess after all this long traveling I actually got tired of it. Once home in Sweden… it was so weird. It was so weird to be home in your town, seeing everything… You know…

Once home I started unpacking right away until I got too tired of it and just crashed. In my own bed. In my own room. With my CD’s playing in my CD player. And I also cursed the fact that I didn’t clean the place before I left.

And then I caught with the most precious one – my little baby Vermilion. Seroiusly, I have missed my little hamster so much while being away, and I hope I don’t have to be away from her this long ever again. But there was one more person I needed to see – Kyo.

So after saying “fuck this” to everything I got in the car and went to see Kyo. The first thing I forced her through was of course the Vegemite challenge. She did not appreciate, like, at all, haha. And then… gaming, catching up, watching videos… all the normal shit we usually do.

// Sara

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