Metal Mass Clermont-Ferrand (part 3)

So… Late night and early morning isn’t exactly the best combination. I do it a lot in my jobs, but damn it. It was hard waking up, although I find it quite interesting that I woke up by Madlen’s alarm, and she woke up by mine (they were a few minutes apart) rather than the other way around. We heard Sophie and Marianne getting up as well, and seriously… this morning is something of the most wonderful I’ve seen. Four broken warriors who can barely keep their eyes open, walking around like sloths trying to pull their things together before leaving to the trainstation. I guess this is what international travel and amazing concerts do to you.

So, we got to the trainstation after a few ifs and buts and a heartfelt good bye to Marianne, and decided to pick up some quick breakfast for the train. Madlen and I were gonna treat ourselves a coffee, so we normally asked Sophie to pick up small coffees for us. And the cup we got back was the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen.

I swear to you, the cup was no larger than five centimeters. In height. Like, are you guys for real? Like Madlen said, this is not a small coffee, this is a tiny coffee. Startled with our small coffees and sleepdrunken eyes, we got on the train outbound to Paris. This was the train we wound up having three different coaches in, but we figured we’d give it a go and sit together and just move in case someone comes, but it all worked out fine.

Once in Paris, we got out of the train station and walked what seemed like forever through the station and eventually reached a mall where we found a McDonalds where we could have lunch and just spend some last time quality time for now. And that is what it was. Talking. Laughing. Eating. Sophie leaved a bit earlier to catch her train, and waaay too soon did the time for me and Madlen to also go our separate ways. So many heartfelt good byes in one day is difficult.

Once at the airport,  I first walked around the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. Like, you sort of had to walk around in a circle that spiraled to get to the trains to the correct terminal, and once at the airport they searched your handluggage before you could even enter the airport. Yay for increased security! Seriously, it’s the biggest shame on Earth that we’d need to have it like this.

I checked in my luggage, went through the screening and then I chose a nice little seat with a charger next to it and spent the next four hours waiting for my flight chatting with the girls. I accidently chose the seat next to my terminal, so I guess you could call it a score. The plane arrived, boarding… While on the plane I looked back into the back of my catalouge on my iPod and found myself half sleeping on the flight and half crying because I miss Wig Wam so much it hurts.

The plane landed a bit ahead of time, but instead I had to spend the longest wait ever for my luggage. I had a superbad feeling in my gut, because when going betwen Clermont and Frankfurt, I had just thrown stuff into the bags, and I never searched them in Clermont so I was freaked out there might be some prohibited items, and it didn’t get better from the fact I had to wait longer than I’m used to for my bags. BUT! All was good.

Got on the train towards Oslo, wandered about Oslo for a while (yes I got lost) and then I could finally crash in what was an extremely nice hotel room actually. Oh my God, Europe’s been treating me well since I came back really. Talked some more with the girls before it was time to crash.

Again, I can’t thank you enough – All of you involved in this weekend because it’s been nothing but amazing. Madlen, Sophie, Marianne, Michelle, Toni, Daniel, Cyril – new friends found on the concerts and of course – Serenity, Battle Beast and Powerwolf. Thank you all for this amazing trip.

// Sara

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