After Ever After

For the first time in a while I got down to Brisbane center for some shopping, or well you know, trying to shop anyway. I wish I was better at shopping than I am, but you know, what can you do?

I walked around the center for a while, checking out a lot of store and wound up in this one store called Valleygirl, where I instantly found a belt that I had to have, so obviously I got it. They played good music (read: Payphone – Maroon 5) so I found myself walking around a bit and found a couple of really cute tops, sadly, they were a bit too small and seeing their were sale items, they didn’t have the other size. What a shame really, but the belt is a killer.


I also wound up in a store called Paper Scissors, where I found quite a few items that I decided to try on. Ironically, the one top I didn’t think I’d get is the one I wound up getting. It’s funny how it works sometimes, isn’t it?


After everything was said and done, I went gorceryshopping to treat my hosts with a mushroom-ham sauce with tagliatelle, and on my way home from the city I cam across some very interesting statues.


Got home, cooked dinner and we had a pretty good time eating good cuisine and watching “Monsterman”, the Lordi documentary talking about, yeah, Lordi. Haha, what else?


// Sara

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