Part of your World

So. Today was Dreamworld day. At first I didn’t really get it, but the more time we spent there the more I started to understand that this is basically Disney World, but for Dreamworks. We left pretty early in the morning, around nine I think. Dave, Curt and I took one car, and then Chiara, Ashleigh and Michelle in the other one. We had a good drive down, listened to Powerwolf most of the way and introducing Dave to this wonderous music. Of course, Dave missed the sign, and it’s just fun, because I was about to tell them that we need to get off here, but I figured they know better, and then it turned out we were indeed supposed to be off there. Oh well then.

So, after a little detour, we finally made it to Dreamworld where we caught up with the ladies. Sorted out the tickets, and then we got inside.


The first thing we did was to hit up one of the rides Ashleigh really wanted to go on. I have a heartcondition, as you may know, so I can’t go on a lot of rides, but we followed them regardless. It’s a nice looking themepark, but humans will never cease to amaze me. Some workers came with a young tiger, walking through, probably to move him, and as soon as they’d passed the people, the people ran up from behind to pet the tiger. Like, come one people. Leave the fucking pets alone.

(Picture belongs to Chiara Parry, used with permission)

After the ride, we went to a ride… that I can’t remember the name on for the life of me, but it is the same sort of ride as Kållerado on Liseberg. I liked it a lot, I was just surprised they had safetybelts, despite this ride being a bit… how do I put this… calmer than Kållerado. You who have been at Lisebergs knows the big “ocean” part where you just get float around like nothing and sometimes get stuck in? Like you were really on the seven seas? They don’t have that, yet they have seatbelts. We have that, and no seatbelts. I do find the watercanons a little lame as well, like, I walked out perfectly dry, which is impossible on Kållerado… But, none the less, I still enjoyed it.


After this, we caught some food and the most exciting thing that happened there was us hiding Dave’s pizza. Sadly, he took my food hostage. God damn it.

After this, we headed down to toward the wildlife section of the park, and saw a lot of nice animals. Like old turtles with algea on their backs.


And alpacas who could not give a shit about us being there. Or more, they obviously found themselves being better than us. Especially the white one. “I don’t have time for your bullshit”


Then we came out to the kangaroos. The firs thing that struck me, was that they were loose. Like, they could jump around and roam freely. I was surprised as hell, seeing kangaroos are pretty big and strong. I wonder how many accidents happen with the kangaroos… I don’t even wanna think about it. But they were chill as hell. Kangaroos are like, those kind of people who are in reality really strong and buff, but also really chill.


Then we headed over to see the sleeping little koalas. Like my spirit animal. Sleeping all the time. Cuties.


We headed down to watch birds, a wombat that was also sleeping (I don’t blame him, I’m tired too) and then we went down to see them feed the crocodiles. It was pretty cool.


We went down to an arcade-like hall, where the rest of the people went to the ball-pit shooting balls, and then did some radio-cars, but I found myself sitting outside the tiger pits watching the cubs play until I found a shadow Dave and I could rest in while the others did whatever they were doing. Oh that’s right, Ashleigh and I found a fancy dragon too.


Curt, Chiara, Dave and I went off to eat somewhere (ice-cream!) and later met up with Michelle and Ashleigh again. The day was coming to an end, and we took one last ride on Kållerado-look-alike, and then we headed home. Once home again, the rain started again and I spent most evening on the balcony sucking in all the calmness that is darkness and rain, and after it stopped I went on a walk around the suburb.


// Sara

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