In The Name of Metal

So wow. The first day on our big bonanza trip and it started rather…. Odd I’d dare to say.

Seriously, everything was done and fixed – just putting in the last few things when my mother notices that my dear EPIC Wildlife Crate Zebra is broken. The zipper got a runner, so… what was a well planned morning turned into a stressed morning. We decided after a few ifs and buts that we’d get a new suitcase, since none of the ones we had were big enough for the trip.


Once downtown, I was first heading to take out my exchanged money. And this also, turned out to be quite the ride. When I got there, they told me the order had disappeared from their systems somehow, but miracoulosuly, they had exactly the amount and currency I needed. So after a few stressful moments I got my money. And as Shania Twain put it, it can only go up from here, right?

Next up, was bag chase. At first I wanted to get another Epic Crate Wildlife, the black / white lepard one, but of course it was unavailable everywhere, so we got a turquoise Samsonite instead. Finally we got a bag, and then we repacked the entire thing in the parkinglot.


Headed over to Bergvik to meet up with Michelle and our driver Linda to begin the roadtrip down to Gothenburg and Landvetter airport, which was fun, but not very eventful. We got to Landvetter, checked in our stuff, had a quick dinner at Espresso House and were still close to almost missing the flight, because apparently they did final call already like 20 minutes ahead of time. Luckily, we hadn’t gone far from our gate.

Flight went on good, and landed twenty minutes ahead of time, and the passport check and baggage claim went so quickly and smoothly that even managed to get on the early bus to Norwich, walked all the way to the hotel, dumped our stuff and went out to get pizza, because lucky us, there was a pizzeria open at 3 am in the morning. So now it’s pizza and Bloodbound.

bussresa hotell norwichbynight pizza

I guess you could say Shania Twain was right. It could only go up from here.

// Sara

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