I didn’t realize how hard it would actually be. To start over. Again. I mean, I have done it before, with The Cullens. For those of you who are new to my blog and to me, The Cullens were the first family I ever made in The Sims 3 on the day it came out, and I kept playing the family all throughout the years until one day, my game decided to slaughter the family and some of the files.

It was hard. I had gotten so far with the Cullens, achieved so much… all gone.

Imagine then, my friends, how hard it was for me to once again go through this kind of loss. But this time, it was with Anna Arendelle, my pride in The Sims 4. Halfway through a doctors career, she had everything going for her… and then the harddrive in my computer decided to crash.

Since then, the computer has been fixed and a new girl has come into town, Aria Cavanaugh as I’ve told you about. The only thing is… it’s not fun.

I spent about six hours playing The Sims 4 today after work, but it was so… mono. Like… It’s hard to bounce back. Here I am, with a sim who knows nothing, has no money, nothing. Sure, I love the challenge, but I guess something died in me when Anna died, just like when The Cullens died, or even as far back as when I burned down the majority of Andersson-Svensson in The Sims 1.

Hopefully, it’ll pass, and that I’ll soon get the passion back to play with Aria, not because I particularly miss The Sims 4, I could easily install The Sims 3 and continue with Elsa Arendelle where I left her… but because Aria deserves it. Aria as a sim deserves to be played and loved, and to carry on Anna’s legacy where she left off.

So with that said, as soon as Aria has mastered the career of bartending, she’ll dive right into the doctors career. Bear with me, Aria.


// Sara

2 Responses to “Secrets”

  1. Captain Sweden Says:

    It’s a computer game you sweaty try ‘ard.

    • And for some people, gaming is a serious thing. Like with knitting. And crocheting body parts. Like hearts and lungs. For some people, that’s a thing. A serious one. Chew on that.
      Also, google it. Hours of fun. At least one. Yay.

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