REVIEW: Brainstorm – Scary Creatures

German band Brainstorm was founded in 1989 by Torsten, Milan and Dieter, but it was first in 1997, following a few EP releases and a lot of live shows they finally released their debut album “Hungry” which received a lot of good critics. Ten studio albums later, we find ourselves here with their most recent release – “Scary Creatures”.  Question: Will it be better than their previous, “Firesoul”?

It starts out pretty heavy with “The World To See”, and it’s a bit… creepy, you know, like Lordi creepy? It felt like a good start, so I had every intention to like this album. Sadly, this wasn’t the case.

The thing is, pretty much all the songs seem promising at first, but then they lose it all in the chorus. I’m not sure what it is – perhaps I had too much expectations on the album due to previous works and because of the label the label put on the album, but the album is lacking something – and it’s lacking in the choruses. But if we are going to look away from this for a moment – it’s a pretty heavy album.

But it’s not only bad. There are two songs that actually are pretty cool – “Take Me To The Never” which carried a pre-chorus to die for, and the titletrack “Scary Creatures” which was a really good track. Something that does bother me a little bit about the album is the mix. I can’t seem to get over how… I don’t like the mix that much, in all honesty.

So to sum it up. It’s a heavy album, but also a decent album. If you like Brainstorm you should most definitely give it a go, but it doesn’t outrun it’s proceeder, “Firesoul”

(Label: AFM Records)

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// Sara


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