Edge of Thorns

Today Jennie and I went to see the last Hunger Games movie, “Mockingjay part 2”.

It was nice actually, getting out of the house and forgetting about everything for a while. Returning to Panem and, well, it was in the middle of the war so I’m not sure if I dare say it was going to some place good, but it’s always nice to lose yourself into a good movie.

So there we were. Popcorn, bacon crisps, top row, blankets and coziness in the tiny little venue. Sitting there up against the wall just being cozy. That’s lush life. I had to guide Jennie through the movie a bit, seeing she doesn’t really know anything about The Hunger Games at all, but it was fun regardless.

Aside that… I liked the movie. There are things I don’t agree on – you all know my problems with Prim replacing Madge’s role, and it felt rushed in some places, and I wish we had gotten to see the gang dressed up as capitol residents, but aside this it was fine enough. I really enjoyed it. Some things weren’t as I had pictured them, but then again – different visions.

Now we’re sitting here at Jennie’s again discussing the movie and weird laws from across the world. Did you know, in Alaska it’s forbidden to push a living moose out of a flying airplane? The weirdest thing isn’t the law, but rather that someone, or some people actually did this to make the law happen.

// Sara

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