Today we finally got back on the road again. It feels so fucking good to once again back down your life into a suitcase, get on the bus, and just go. For this particular trip we decided to instead of hanging out at Arlanda for a numerous amount of hours, to do a bit of a detour to Stockholm city to have some proper dinner. It’s usually very usual for us to just take Subway, but we felt celebration was in order. And perhaps it was for the best.


Then we got to Arlanda and did some quick shopping – I finally got myself the neckpillow I wanted for so long, and I also got myself a book about things to see and discover in Australia. I figured it could be handy. Once we started to get back to our flight, we are met with the message that the flight is delayed. Just our fucking luck, huh? As if we weren’t already coming late to Helsinki…


Despite this, the flight went good. And everything went fairly quickly – unlike Brussels Airport which is the largest fucking maze I ever seen, Vaanta is pretty small and you get through it quickly. And to make it better, the bus was waiting just outside, so I guess that once we actually reached Finnish grounds things got better.

Once back at our very much beloved Omena hotel we could finally breathe out after a unusually long day of traveling. Sitting here with a cup of tea, bread and SlipKnot echoing from the speakers makes a perfect ending to a perfect day. I also tried my new body scrub for the first time, which was AMAZING. Just saying.

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// Sara

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