REVIEW: Rhapsody of Fire – Into The Legend

Italian symphonic metallers Rhapsody of Fire started their career already backin the ’90s, then under the name Rhapsody, but due to legal issues they had to rename the band. The band has a strong backcatalouge and and now back with their fifth album after the name-change.

The album opens up with a powerfull opening hymn, with a tint of premonition in what is about to happen, and it completely EXPLODES into the opening track “Distant Sky”. And my god, what a song. The build up with the pre-chorus, with it being stopped and continued and then exploding into the the gigantic chorus… Well, I guess we can simply say they made a great first impression.

And it only gets better. The songs are majestic and epic, they have great choirs and magnificent musical arrangements. The way they have inducted the strings orchestra and choir, together with amazing work by the talented people (The guitarsolo in “Into the Legend” is giving me eargasm after eargasm) in the band can’t be anything but closing to a masterpiece.

While the album has an amazing continuity, all songs are not the same – some songs has a more folk-element to them (“A Voice In The Cold”) and some are more aggressive and forward (“Winters Rain”) and then we have the long last experimental piece at the end – “The Kiss of Light” which is a 15 minute piece mixture of metal, opera and atmospheric music, showing off the broad talent of the band.

Than can I say other than this album being a pure masterpiece? Well, it’s perfect. I’m consider myself lucky to have been able to review this album, and I can’t wait to dance around the place to the tunes on this one.

Label: AFM Records

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// Sara

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