Just when you think things were really going great, people keep stabbing you in the back. Doesn’t it simply suck when that happens? And seemingly, everything does. He turned my world upside down, he’s made me lose some of my really close friends… but in all of this, I’ve also seen what people are there for me, what people I can trust. Nathalie, Curt, Michelle, Paula, Faedra, Madlen, Sophie, Emelie – you are seriously golden.

But on a good note – I’ve finally booked the thing that’ll make me go away from everything and everyone, and it’ll be so good to get away. Not just from home, but from Europe. So you don’t have to deal with friends comparing you to your ex’s ex, so you don’t have to deal with deceiving people. And you won’t have to worry to run into people. You wouldn’t think this happens on a playground like Europe, but it really does.

So what I’m trying to say is – WE HAVE FINALLY BOOKED OUR TICKETS TO AUSTRALIA! At least one way. Damn. Finally we are on our way!

// Sara

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