REVIEW: 21Octayne – 2.0

21Octayne consist of three guys from Germany that are all well-established in the metal community, having played with some of the big icons. So, they all got together and formed the hard rock band we now know as 21Octayne. In 2014, they released their long awaited debut ”Into The Open” which was received well by the critics, and now they are back with their second one – ”2.0”

So, let’s move on to the album. It starts pretty cheeky, with a catchy uptempo song, where we see proof of Hagens amazing vocal capabilities. Sadly, from there, it goes downwards. The album is, in my taste very flat. No real surprises, most songs sounds the same. There are a few OK songs – like ”Lost” which I found pretty cute.

And then there’s ”Tale of a Broken Child”. Despite not being a fan at all of the album in it’s entirety, I fell in love with this song. The lyrics, the melodies… Ah yes. They hit it right with this one.

Sadly. One song isn’t exactly what I need to call this a good album. They will get some credit for being a DIY album, seeing Hagen is doing most, or all, of the production work, and it’s a clean production. But there isn’t much more I can say about it than that, sadly.

(Label: AFM Records)

CDON I Ginza I Amazon

// Sara

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