Talk Dirty To Me

January 2nd. I came home pretty late from Michelle’s yesterday, and I pretty much dashed into bed preparing for tonights work. I didn’t encounter as many rabbits as usual, but on the other hand, I came across the creepiest bird ever. I approached the mailbox and was just about to throw in the magazine when I heard it. When I heard the creepiest bird in this world starting to laugh at me.

And you see, I’m not really afraid of anything in particular. Not spiders, not snakes, nothing. But I tell you this – that fucking bird right there… holy hell. I’m glad I had a car so I could get out of there.

Jaha, else? My cactus has grown. My christmas-tree cactus has actually fucking grown. I remember I looked at it, and felt something was wrong, and I stood there and simply looked at it for a good ten minutes before I realized – it had actually fucking grown. That means, for the first time in my life I’ve managed to make something grow. I’m proud.


Spent the day doing.. not a lot. Mostly trying to clean the bombed whorehouse that is my room, watching “Water for Elephants” and now I’m sitting here at Jennie’s playing Neopets. It’s interesting, how she’s like… she bit her tounge. When she lost at Meerca Chase. I haven’t laughed this hard ever since a long time, and it felt good. Jennie thought I was insane and should shut up.

Typical her, ay?

// Sara

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