I love my work. I really do. But when it’s slippery like it was last night, it’s basically the shift from hell again. Everything was all fun and games until I hit this, pretty big turn actually, but I just feel the car slide away and all I can do is sitting in the cabin and go “no no no no no no no no no no” and then, since it’s me, I felt the car stop RIGHT BEFORE the edge of the road, so, with my heart up my throat I survived.

Anyway. Today was a reaaally good day, actually. I met up with Tatiana, my childhood friend who currently lives in London, where she’s studying at a musiccollege. She’s a violinist, and seriously, she’s a big role model for me in a way. She just went out there and got what she wanted.

We went for a coffee and just sat for hours catching up about everything and nothing. I haven’t seen her for soooo long, I didn’t even know she was in the UK. She’s been all over – Germany, Denmark – you name it. It was really good seeing her, and the cutiepie that she is, even brought me some British tea. Thanks sweetheart.


Later in the day, when I came home… my eyes almost popped out. There it was. That brown… devilish parcel on the table. And just by looking at it I knew. And it all came back. How I postponed it. How I always said “I’ll do it tomorrow”. “I’ll do it tonight”. “Oh what the heck, I’ll do it tomorrow”.

In my defense… it was made to order! I never thought it’d actually show up! But you know… I guess for once, just once… It did.


So basically, I’m sitting here with that very CD I was supposed to cancel, Hahaha. Oh, what a time to be alive! But you know, it doesn’t really matter. If I can host the different editions of “Deadache” and the different editions of all the Sabaton albums, I guess I can have double of this one too. After all, I believe this is a good one.

If this wasn’t enough, I also got a Taylor Swift album from my brother! I might have told you that I had some extra christmas gifts coming in, and one of them were T-Swift’s album “1989”. I’m so excited. I’m having my last shift for this time at work, and now I got plenty of new albums to listen to.


I have actively destroyed “Metallum Nostrum” forever by abusing it at work, so it was a nice change to have “Gods and Generals” last night. But tonight will probably be dominated by “Blood of the Saints” and “1989”.

// Sara

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