Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks!

I hope you had an awesome start of the year, because I sure as hell did. We started out early in the morning with delivering newspapers, but this time, I was not alone, since my precious people Paula and Michelle decided to join me. Sadly, the papers were a bit delayed, but no big problems. We went off and did some last minute shopping before going home to Arvika and going to bed for a couple of hours.

We got up, started preparig when our fourth person arrived – Robert! He’d driven all the way from Stockholm to be here, and it was fucking amazing to see him again. We got all ready and dressed up, and at 7 sharp Linette, Jimmy and Sofia showed up, and we began with dinner.

After dinner… basically everything happened all at once.



It was discussions about everything and nothing, Q&A’s, watching various asian porn videos (and of course two girls one cup) playing with dogs… And then the clock turned twelwe and we went outside to watch the fireworks, and of course, Robert took the damned oppurtunity to fire off some snowballs in my direction. Fuck him. Seriously.


The rest of the night consisted of dancing and singing to Alestorm, headbanging with dogs in your arms, headbanging over all, humping around and putting toiletpaper on a sleeping Michelle.


DSC_0013DSC_0018 DSC_0019DSC_0020IMG_20160101_021136

I guess we can safely say this was one hell of a new years celebration! Can’t wait to do it all over again. Although I don’t really want the year to end… Hm. Tough one.

// Sara


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