Set Fire to The Rain

Merry Christmas blogreaders!

I hope you had a good day. My day has been up and down, I must admit. I started off with the workshift from hell, where I wound up in two car accidents on the same day. I curse countryside roads, just saying,

But from there, the day was better. Donald Duck on the television, “Kan du Vissla Johanna”, good dinner, Karl Bertils Jul and then giftgiving. I must say, I appriciate every single person around me who bothers and feels that I’m worthy getting gifts. Seriously, you are all so precious.

klappis 149klappis 153klappis 157

klappis 155

Suitcase, The Body Shop and cosmetics are from my family, and the electric drumset is from Michelle. I kid you not when I literally sat and said “no… she’s gone mad” when I realized what she had actually gotten me.  Thank you all, you are amazing!

Later in the night, I gave my aussie-buddie a call where I sang “We Wish You a Perry Christmas” to him over the phone, because it’s simply the kind of thing I do to my best friends. After this, I packed as much Christmas-y things I could and got in the car and headed to Jennie’s.

Where I had… Like.. As if I hadn’t had a rough day already, of course shit got worse. See, I’m not afraid of living things. Like, horses who fights, men who follows me and things like that. But if I’m cranking “Blessed and Possessed”, on a pitch-black evening on a country side road… then I will fucking cry out of fear when the radio all of a sudden goes silent, then cranks out the creepiest of noise and a lady with a monotone voice telling me there’s a pinetree on a road close by. And once she’s done, Attila’s voice took over the car again. I shit you not when I said I cried. I’m somewhat afraid of technology.

Anyway, I eventually made it to Jennie’s, got inside, rumbled around her kitchen and set up a nice Christmas table. We sat and talked about about everything and nothing, she gave me two gifts – two different hats, and they are amazing! One silver sequin, and one with Rudolph. My kind of hats.

klappis 160

After this, we played “Cards Against Humanity” which I won 61 – 28, Sorry Jenz! The night continued on talking about everything and nothing, eating lussekatter, popcorn and cheesedoodles, whining about everything and nothing and ‘torturing’ the cats.

For the first time ever, I think, we did in fact NOT EVEN TOUCH the computers. That was… pretty nice, actually.

I went home earlier than usual because I’m seriously DEAD TIRED. So good night people, and Happy holidays all of you!

// Sara

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