Highway To Hell

Todays rehearsal was short, but it went well. Or well, at least for my own accord.We went over like, half “I’m Eighteen” before moving on very quickly to “Highway To Hell”.

I felt a bit rusty, I must admit. I haven’t been to the rehearsal lot for about three weeks or more now, so I actually had to sit and ponder for a while on how to play “I’m Eighteen”. Everyone was waiting and I’m like “hold on. I need to think”. But once we started playing, it all just let go. It came naturally.

“Highway To Hell”. Well, we got through it but I was unsure on a lot of the fills. After the girls had left me, I sat down and closely studied a video on youtube and listened to the song, and I triumphed myself by learning the entire song there and then.

Anna forgot her vegan ham, so she came back after a while where we planned next weeks rehearsal. We will meet up earlier to perfect my playing, it’ll be easier when I can play WITH someone rather than look at a silent video.


Great progress. I can’t wait for next week.

// Sara

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