Seriously. The days are passing by so fucking quickly. It’s hard to imagine it’s only a couple of days left of this year. Like, what happened? It feels like it was just yesterday I saw SlipKnot live for the first time, or got on the bus to see Amaranthe in Västerås…

These past couple of days has been stressful. I always thought third time would be the charm, but I still had a shift from hell at work. BUT, I am optimistic for today, so hopefully, FOURTH times the charm. I guess we’ll see. The perks of doing a car district is that it’s always warm and I can listen to my music and have a generally cozy time. It’s a long district, distance wise so I spend most of the time just driving.

With that said… there’s so much on my mind right now. We have finally finished booking SlipKnot, and are practically done with Toto, and I cannot stress how GOOD this feels, people! Like seriously. A big stone has left my shoulders.

With all of that said, I’ll now head off to bed.

// Sara

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